Does Natalie Bruno Have A Shot At Becoming Governor Of Oklahoma?

 The Oklahoma gubernatorial race is interesting, to say the least. Candidates are being accused of corruption, switching political parties, and much more. 

This string of chaos may be the perfect storm for Libertarian candidate Natalie Bruno. She may be able to gain a large number of supporters before the November 8, 2022 election day. 

"We have a situation here in Oklahoma where we have an incumbent Republican who has lost the support of his state and party, a Republican turned Democrat who is also facing scrutiny for her work as state superintendent and not really holding the values for the party she is representing, and a republican turned independent whose views do not align with most Oklahomans. People are realizing fast the benefits of electing a third-party candidate. Imagine a leader that is not trying to appeal to just one part of the state or the other, but to the state as a whole. That is what will truly make us a top 10 state.when we start working together for the good of Oklahomans and not just making legislation that appeals to donors." - Natalie Bruno, Oklahoma Libertarian Governor Candidate 

The last Libertarian candidate to run for governor of Oklahoma was Chris Powell in 2018. Powell got less than 4% of the total votes in the 2018 race. 


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