President Biden Plan To Offer Maui All Federal Resources

 President Joe Biden has finally publicly spoken about the wildfires taking place in Maui. He plans says every federal asset needed will be used for as long as it takes to aid in the recovery efforts. 

Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA) will provide a variety of assistance to Maui in the wake of the wildfires. Check out the list below. 

Grants for temporary housing and home repairs: FEMA can provide grants to individuals and families who have lost their homes to the wildfires. These grants can be used to rent a temporary home, pay for repairs to a damaged home, or buy a new home.

Low-cost loans to cover uninsured property losses: FEMA can also provide low-interest loans to individuals and businesses who have lost property in the wildfires. These loans can be used to cover uninsured losses, such as the cost of replacing a car or a business inventory.

Other programs to help individuals and business owners recover from the effects of the disaster: FEMA offers a variety of other programs to help individuals and businesses recover from disasters, such as job training, counseling, and legal assistance.

Debris removal and emergency protective measures: FEMA can help with the removal of debris from wildfires and the implementation of emergency protective measures, such as the construction of levees or the installation of flood gates.

Hazard mitigation measures: FEMA can also help communities mitigate the risk of future wildfires. This can include measures such as clearing brush, thinning forests, and building firebreaks.

Check out the clip below of President Joe Biden addressing the wildfires in Maui. 


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