3 Things I Actually Agree With Trump On

Aside from some of the radical things presidential Candidate Donald Trump has said I find myself agreeing with quite a few things he has said recently. 

Depending on where you get your news or updates on the presidential race, only the most outlandish comments Trumps makes are highlighted. 

Things like the wall around American borders and his views on Muslims in America. All things I am totally against, but I believe these are his honest feelings. I managed to take a closer look at Donald Trump and found some of his politics to my surprise find out we share some of the same views.

1. Tax Reform

Donald Trump wants to cut taxes for the middle class and eliminate tax loopholes for the wealthy. A stance that is much different from what other Republicans feel about taxes in America. Now let's get into detail, if you're single and make less than $25,000 a year in America you will pay no income tax under Trump's Tax Reform. That would put at least another $1,000 back in your pocket each year. 

Trump wants to make the tax bracket system much simpler by making 4 tax brackets instead of the current 7. You will either pay 0%, 10%, 20%, or 25% in federal income taxes. Trump wants to also have a 15% flat rate for businesses in America no matter how big or small the companies are. 

You can find Trump's Tax Reform on his website for more detail. 

2. Bring Back American Manufacturing

It's no secret that some of our most successful  American companies outsource a lot of jobs overseas. I stated earlier that all companies will get a flat rate of 15% for all businesses in America under Trump's Tax Reform

Trump believes this will save companies a lot of money which can potentially bring those outsourced jobs back to America. Trump would also be on board with a 45% tariff on imports from China. 45% is a bit extreme, but you can be sure that Jobs will begin to come back to America with the price of doing business in China will be too costly for American companies. Apple is a company that comes to mind who does most of its manufacturing in China that would be affected significantly. 

There is a trade imbalance between America and China and it costing Americans opportunities. 

3. Legalize All Drugs

Back in 2011, Trump stated that all drugs should be legal and the tax revenue generated will be used to fund drug education. I feel the only reason drugs are illegal is because the government cannot tax it. 

Look at how much tax revenue has been generated for the states that have legalized marijuana. Colorado has generated $70 million from taxing Marijuana. I believe America Can generate billions of dollars in tax money from legalizing and taxing all drugs. If it's fine to sell and tax tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana the other drugs should be fine as well.

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