Ted Cruz Thinks El Chapo Should Fund The Border Wall

Texas Senator Ted Cruz may have suggested one of the most creative ways to fund President Trump's border wall. He has even drafted an El Chapo Act that he wants Capitol Hill to take a serious look at.

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Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman was found guilty of criminal conspiracy, drug trafficking and more. The United States prosecutors are seeking to obtain $14 billion from El Chapo. Cruz believes some of the money seized from El Chapo should go towards building the border wall.

I have to say using El Chapo's drug profits to fund the wall is not such a bad idea. My question would be if they are able to collect any amount of money from El Chapo, where was the money intended to go?

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Remember when President Trump stated that Mexico would be the pay for the border wall?

Click the link below to read the El Chapo act in full

El Chapo Act

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