Ted Cruz Is Calling For A 10% Flat Tax Rate

 Representative Ted Cruz is calling for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to be replaced with a flat tax system. Cruz would like to see Americans be taxed at a 10% flat rate. 

The Flat Tax Proposal Explained

Cruz’s flat tax proposal would replace the current progressive tax system with a single, uniform tax rate of 10% for all individuals, regardless of their income level. The primary objective of this overhaul is to simplify the tax code and reduce the burden on taxpayers while ensuring a more equitable distribution of tax responsibilities.


Very little legislation in the United States comes without criticism. Many Detractors argue that implementing a flat tax could disproportionately burden low-income earners, as a 10% tax rate may be considered regressive. Critics also assert that the wealthy should bear a larger tax burden to fund public services and social safety nets.

There is currently an ongoing debate in Congress on making the flat tax rate a reality. I don't think the flat tax system will replace the IRS soon, but I do believe it can come to form in the distant future. 


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